Virtual Style Makeover

  • During this one hour, we’ll discuss your current lifestyle, style preferences and needs
  • We’ll take a look at your closet and do a virtual mini detox
  • I’ll provide a list of closet essentials based on your style needs, along with a list of online stores to shop from
  • I’ll do the shopping and send you a list with links to the chosen items
    • Keeping in mind your style, body shape and budget!
  • I’ll provide outfit pairing options to suit your style, body shape and lifestyle needs
  • Optional: you can send me a picture or video of your closet prior to our session

Closet Cleanse

  • We take time to go through your closet and decide what to keep, donate and set aside for repair
  • After getting rid of unwanted items, I’ll then re-organize your closet by garment type, style and color
  • Finally, I’ll create a list of clothing essentials needed to add to your closet
  • If you want, we can switch out your old hangers for new and more stylish ones. This will create a much cleaner and organized look. Keep in mind that the hangers will be provided by you

Styling Session

  • I’ll come into your home and create new, exciting and fun outfits from your closet
  • After trying on the outfits, we’ll decide what works and what doesn’t work
  • From there, we can take pictures of each look for you to keep for future reference

Personal Shopping

  • I’ll select a few stores that suits your style needs and current lifestyle.
  • Then, schedule a shopping day with me. This day will include choosing, trying on, and purchase of your new wardrobe items. We’ll walk through how to dress for your body and how to mix your old items with the new ones, to create new looks!
  • You’ll receive feedback from me through every step.

Not sure what Style Sevices will work with your current Style needs?

No worries!

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