STYLE 101: How to Dress Your Body Type

Today on STYLE 101, we’ll discuss the best features of each body type and how to dress your body type.

Last week, we discussed the 4 most common body types and how to find your own. Click here to review that post in case you missed it.

Once you’re sure of your body shape, you’re able to embrace clothes that fit it and avoid those that don’t. Follow my Pinterest Board below, for style tips on how to dress your body type/shape.

Here’s a breakdown of the best features of each body type and what to emphasize:

  • Apple (downward triangle)
    • Your best features are your legs!
    • Emphasize your lower body and de-emphazise your shoulders and upper body
  • Banana or Straight
    • Your best features are your arms and legs!
    • Create illusion curves and emphasize those slim arms and legs
  • Pear (upward triangle)
    • Your best features are your waist, shoulders and upper torso!
    • Do draw attention to your small waist and arms; add volume to your upper body (ruffles and prints work well)
  • Hourglass
    • Your best assets are your curves!
    • Show off your curves by creating balance, and even proportions with your bust, fuller thighs and hips

I hope you found this post helpful. Remember, dressing for your body shape is about proportions, balance, knowing your best features, and dressing them up to look their best.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. Stay tuned for more of STYLE 101, next week!

Seun Sodunke


  1. Awesome, I love this, and you are so right, I try my best to show off my upper body, Thanks for all the Juicy details and the chart is very helpful 🙂

    1. Hey Armena! That’s great, you’re already on the right path. I’m glad you found this post and board helpful. Don’t forget to check the board often for more updates on styling options.

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